Medicare for All Canvassing Script

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Hey, my name is _____. I’m part of a national coalition fighting for Medicare for All.

Question: What do you know about Medicare for All?

If Familiar: Great, have you heard of Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All bill?

If Not Familiar: Medicare is a guaranteed health insurance program for older Americans. A Medicare for All system would expand and improve this program to cover all U.S. residents, replace private insurance, eliminate co-pays, premiums, and deductibles and include dental, vision, mental health, and a whole lot more.


Connect their experience with the healthcare system back to any or all 5 principles. Here is how Medicare for All would fix their problems:

  1. A single public program – not a patchwork.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage – all services requiring a medical professional will be covered.
  3. Universal coverage for all U.S. residents – non-citizens included.
  4. Free at the point of service – financed through tax contributions based on ability to pay, not shifting costs onto the sick: no fees, no copays, no cost-sharing.
  5. Job training/placement assistance for people currently employed by the private health insurance industry.


Question: Sounds good, right? Well, did you know that right now, for every dollar you pay for healthcare, 30 cents goes to insurance companies. Do you think those companies are gonna let us move to a Medicare for All system without a fight?

…Exactly! The insurance industry is going to spend hundreds of millions to fight this…


Question: What do you think it’s gonna take to beat them?

…That’s why I’m out here today with the Democratic Socialists of America talking to ordinary people like you and me. If enough of us get involved, we can turn out millions across the country to knock on doors, make calls, and build the people power we need to beat corporations and win a better society.


Question: Does that sound like something you’d like to be involved in?

If NO: People like us need to be involved. [Tie back to issues]

If YES: [Go through asks below]

  1. [Sign pledge sheet] [For Medicare for All campaign announcements]
  2. [Make volunteer pitch] [Ask them if they could come out canvassing]
  3. Call your Senator [Give leave behind]
  4. Interested in joining DSA? [If they express interest in DSA or socialism]

What is DSA?

We’re a big-tent democratic socialist organization that’s organizing to create a society that puts people over profit. We want a living wage for all workers, affordable housing for all people and a guarantee to healthcare as a human right. There’s been a huge surge in interest in DSA since the election and we’re organizing all over the country to beat back Trump and win for working people.

Tips for Canvassers

First off – thank you for helping build a better world. Knocking on doors today organizes at the grassroots level to win guaranteed health care for all. Thank you for pitching in.

Smile! Be your positive self. It’ll help put people at ease at the door – and make it more fun for you!

We don’t expect you to know everything. If you’re facing a tough question, just let the person at the door know that you’re a volunteer who is still learning. Make a note on the contact sheet, and we’ll follow up.

Don’t engage the haters. Haters gotta hate – and in the amount of time they want to argue with you, you can be signing up new volunteers to truly win this campaign. Be polite, disengage, and shake it off.

Keep your clipboard at your side. Lots of people will try to rush you through the rap and figure out “what you want.” To prevent this from happening, always keep your clipboard or any other materials at your side. With your clipboard out of sight, the person will pay attention to you and what you’re saying.

You’re going to be awesome at this. Doorknocking takes time and patience. You’re going to get better by practicing and continuing to engage people.