Las Vegas DSA holds a monthly meeting to discuss chapter-wide iniatives for issues such as Medicare for All and mutual aid for the Las Vegas community. We are a political and activist organization, not a political party. As such, we employ a range of methods including direct action and legislative advocacy.

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LV DSA Bylaws | LV DSA Code of Conduct

Additionally, we have working groups dedicated to Labor Justice, Racial Justice, Political Education, and Healthcare Justice. Email each working group at their respective email adresses to join in their work.

Labor Justice

Our Labor Justice working group believes that widespread collective organizing of the workplace is absolutely fundamental to challenging capitalist power. We aim to educate on what unions are, what they can accomplish and how we can begin to organize our workplace.

Racial Justice

Our Racial Justice working group is part of our continued effort to make both anti-racist work and non-Eurocentric perspectives central to the socialist movement. Our ongoing actions include: mobilizing against displays of white supremacy, advocating for police and prison abolition, and educating our chapter members on the continuing debilitating effects of colonialism and imperialism on the lives of black and brown people worldwide.

Political Education

We aim to equip our members with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to undertake effective organizing work and to educate the general public on DSA’s vision of a socialist future, our approach to achieving it, and our perspectives on relevant issues.

Healthcare Justice

The ability for our society to provide adequate healthcare for its members regardless of income is essential to our continued survival and a gateway to a socialist future. Adequate healthcare includes access to healthy food, decent housing, as well as clean air and water. We believe that gaining healthcare justice through the Medicare for All program will fundamentally move the country in the direction of full socialism. We are in the process of developing tactics for educating the general public on Medicare for All.